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What is Life Coaching

Life coaching is the art of facilitating the potential development of people to achieve consistent goals and profound changes. It’s a process of learning, change and self-development in which a person becomes aware of what they want in life overcomes anxieties and internal roadblocks, learns to love and listen to themselves more, and therefore become happier and more fulfilled.

Some life coaches take more of a general approach; many specialize and focus on helping people in specific areas. As your life coach, I specialize in:

  • Family Coaching              

  • Relationship Coaching

  • Abuse Coaching

  • Life Skills Coaching 

  • Self Care Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching

The Art of Coaching

Why Life Coaching

Life coaching is for anyone seeking betterment in their personal, social and professional lives. It is also for those:  ​

Who are looking for meaning and purpose

Who feels stuck and seeks direction

Who feel elevated levels of stress or anxiety due to specific event in their life

Who lack fulfillment in their social and private life

Who are dissatisfied with their career


Therapists vs. Life Coaches 

Although some of the benefits of working with a life coach overlap with those of a licenced therapist, these two professionals perform distinct roles. 

Therapists and other medical experts work to treat and cure mental health issues. They assist people in overcoming traumas and other issues from their past.  However, while life coaches can assist you in resolving difficulties you have been unable to resolve, they are not permitted to treat anxiety disorders, addictions, or any other mental health condition.

However, licenced therapists and life coaches are bound by an ethical code of conduct.

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